Product example

MiniQ is a tool created by Quality Pharma to help medical workers with analyzing and cross-referencing patient’s lists of medications. Originally a desktop program it has now been launched as a web based application together with a slimmed-down version – Senior MiniQ -free for use to the general public and aimed specifically towards senior patients.

Our task was to perform a series of usability tests on the programs with subjects from their respective target groups; medical workers and pensioners, to examine any problems users had with the programs and to present Quality Pharma with appropriate design solutions with the goal of making the programs more user-friendly.

While the Senior MiniQ program is publicly available, MiniQ is not. However we present some examples of our design work for both programs here in a gallery, along with examples of the original interfaces:

>> Picture Gallery - miniQ and seniorminiQ

>> Quality Pharma

>> seniorminiQ

1. Original interface for MiniQ. Usability tests revealed that users found navigation using three bars of tabs confusing. We also got advice from users on how better to divide and present functions and content.
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